iOS stands for Iphone Operating System .
It is a mobile operating system originally created by the world famous company Apple Inc. It was first discovered in 2007 and since then it can be used on other apple devices such as iPad, Ipod Touch or Apple Tv. Apple does not allow the use of iOS on non apple hardwares.
The platform of iOS is multi touch gesture. Using iOS is a divine feeling. Apple is known for its exquisite excellence and par supremacy in the field of technology. Once who has used iOS can never ever forget the awesome feeling of this multi touch operating system.
Unfortunately non Apple hardwares do not have a legal permission to use iOS. But still no one can stop humans. So what if you can not afford an Apple device ? Now homo sapiens have devised a lot of ways through which non apple hardware holders who envy iphone operating system too can take the pleasure of iphone operating system on their android phones. It is easy and entertaining.
Getting an iOS look on your android is no more than a dream come true. The difficult to get iOS is now easy to get in touch within a matter of few seconds.
Let us take a sneak peak into the matter.
Those who want to enjoy the flattering feeling of using apple operating system on their android phones can do it by installing jbOS7 theme. The jbOS7 theme renews the Google powered phones by the new looks of IOS 7 fascinating looks. Android users who adore the iOS 7 looks can now get it with jbOS7 themes. The so called theme jbOS7 blends the jelly bean version of Android phones with looks of iOS7.

There are other tools too that can give your android phones a look of iOS without much a do. You need not do a lot of work or secrete out sweat or waste your rupees, dollars or pounds. It is now as simple as singing Abc(s). You need not even root your android phones.
Espier Launcher is a magic tool that can give you the pleasure of IOS on your android phones. It combines the feature of both android phones and iphone operating system. It works like water flows. Its very smooth. It comprises a lot of remarkable features. This espier launcher gives you an iOS style icons in a 4 by 4 area with a dock at the bottom. If you want an android featured phone with iOS looks, I am definitely sure that Espier Launcher will not at all disappoint you. In deed you would be stunned by the fact how amazingly it works.

Another striking tool that enables you to fetch an iOS look on your android phone is iPhone Go launcher ex theme. It gives your android phones a stunning look of iOS. It does not have a lot of icons or folders etc but still everything else is just flawless. It can give your android phone an authentic look of iphone operating system. Another merit of this applications is that its free.
LockBot is another application that is free and enables you to get an iOS look on your android phones. Though it is deficient in terms of style but still it can fulfill you aspiration to get an iOS look. It also has other flattering themes too.
There are many many other tricks and apps too. You just need to search them. The iphone operating system which had sent everyone in flutter now is in the reach of android users without much a do.